Doctor, am I having a mid life crisis?!

Mid life crisis is not a myth!  It is a real entity caused by low testosterone level.

Have a look at this questionnaire:




If you answer YES for 3 of the 10 questions OR YES for questions 1 or 7, you may be having low testosterone level.


Don’t let low testosterone level rob you off a healthy and meaningful life.  Seek help


If you have symptoms suggestive of low testosterone level, do make an appointment with Phoenix Medical Group in either of these branches:


1 Seletar Road #02-11

Greenwich V S807011

Tel: 6555-3512



4 Hillview Rise #02-20

Hill V2 S667979

Tel: 6710-7157


Paya Lebar

60 Paya Lebar Road #02-09

Paya Lebar Square S409051

Tel: 6702-2940


OR email us at

For more info, do visit us at


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