Gonorrhea is one of the most common STD in Singapore and worldwide.  It is transmitted via unprotected sexual contact (vaginal, oral and anal intercourse).  One of the most common symptom in men is penile discharge.  Women can be completely asymptomatic or their presentation can be mild (such has having vaginal discharge, pain on urination) to severe (pelvic infection).

If you are a high risk individual with symptoms or had intimate contact with someone who was recently diagnosed with Gonorrhea, do make an appointment to see your doctor if you need treatment.  Gonorrhea is readily treatable with antibiotics !

We at Phoenix Medical Group provide advice and treatment for STD conditions.  Do visit us at

1 Seletar Road

#02-11 Greenwich V

Singapore 807011 

or call us at 6555-3512 to make an appointment

Alternatively you can drop us an e-mail at pmgmenshealth@phoenixmedical.sg or head over to our Q&A section to drop us a query.

Click here for a simple fact sheet on Gonorrhea

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